Tutu Helper VIP for ios and android Download (2018 latest update)

Tutu Helper VIP for ios and android Download (2018 latest update)

Tutu Helper VIP Download latest:

Tutu helper vip is one of the best and trending app these days, but many of them don’t know what is actually its do and how to download Tutuapp apk? Also what is the feature of Tutuapp helper vip? So here in this article we solved all your quires and full details about Tutuapp helper vip and Tutuapp apk.
Tutu helper VIP
Before know about Tutuapp helper vip, you just visit this site and get idea about Tutuapp apk. In this article we will provide a guide for how to download Tutuapp helper vip on ios and how to download Tutu helper vip on android.

What is tutuapp helper vip?

Tutu helper vip is one of the third party app store for ios and android users. Tutuapp vip to give a all paid apps and games for free. Tutuapp is developed by Chinese language but the users find the problem to use it so the developer changed the language to English.
Tutuapp helper vip is latest update for android and ios users. Tutuapp helper provides two versions like Tutu helper vip and tutuapp helper regular. We recommended you to download Tutuapp helper vip for ios and android. Tutu helper vip gives more features and secure compare to Tutuapp helper regular.
If you want to know about Tutuapp vip and Tutuapp regular version of the tutuapp you also visit this site Tutuapp vip.

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Is tutu helper vip safe?

Yes, it is safe. Tutu helper vip does not jail-broken on your device then how it can harm your device? Right. Tutu helper provides two types of version named as Tutu helper vip and Tutu helper regular. Tutu helper vip has paid version so the company providing paid application will take care of its safety. Of course tutuapp is not official app store it’s a third party app store so if has a problem, just uninstall the app then reinstall and use it.

Features of tutu helper vip:

Before you going to download Tutu helper vip just know about it's feature.
  • Tutu helper provides all paid apps and games for free.
  • Tutu helper vip compatible with all the platforms like android, ios, and windows.
  • Updates frequently with latest free ios apps.
  • Easy to file transfer from ios to android or vice versa.
  • Download all paid apps and cracked games for free.
  • No need foe jail-broken on your device.
  • Tutu helper vip has Inbuilt cache cleaner that automatically clean your cache.

Download Tutu helper vip for ios and android Download (2018 latest update):

There are many methods available in internet for how to download Tutu helper vip. But many of us clicked unwanted harmful virus links. That’s why we are here, in this article to guide a proper way to download Tutupp helper vip.
Tutu Helper VIP
  • First of all launch Safari browser on your ios device. Many browsers are available but safari browser is too safe and secure for download Tutu helper vip.
  • We recommended you to visit an official website on Tutuapp vip. Before downloading tutu helper you select the version of Tutuapp like Tutuapp helper vip or Tutuapp helper regular. 
  • Then download the Tutuapp helper vip on your device. 
  • you just click the green button on your screen . 
  • Download process will start and till wait for complete the downloading. 

How to install Tutu helper vip for ios and android:

After complete the download process, you can install the Tutu helper vip on your device but you make some navigate on your settings. Its very simple step to install the Tutu helper vip. Follow the below procedure to install the Tutu helper vip on your device. 
  • Unlock your iPhone then go to settings and follow the steps.
  • Setting – general setting – device management – profile. Now you can see the list of option shown in your screen from profile. 
  • Add the Tutu helper vip option on your profile. Now, one pop-up conformation box is shown on your screen.
  • A green button shown on your ios device.You can select tutu helper vip or tutu helper regular version.
  • We recommended you to select tutu helper vip version. if you select tutu helper regular version some features are blocked. Only tutu helper vip version provide more features to us.
  • Then you just click the "trust" button from the profile option list as shown on your screen.
  • Now Tutu helper vip icon added on your home screen. You just tap and use its features. 
We hope, you get a full details about how to download Tutu helper vip and how to installed it. If you have any doubts about Tutu helper vip, do let us know through the comment section. We will give the best solution as soon as possible. Keep visiting our website for more articles related to Tutuapp. We update frequently for every latest version of tutuapp.

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